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         I'm Nikki! I'm a newlywed who enjoys all craftiness! Basically I needed an outlet to share my crafts.  I've always done DIY and crafty things but I've never shared it before.  SO with that being said now I have even MORE of a reason to spend late nights at the sewing machine and dreaming up new crafts! YAY!! I started calling this blog Domestically Modern simply because of my love of doing things the old fashioned way and for yourself and yet being a modern woman dealing with all of the demands of a working person who also manages a household.
            I've been married to Hubs for almost a year now (December is our one year)...so new to the whole marriage thing and LOVING it!  Hubs is so supportive and kind even when my making a tote bag or message center isn't that exciting for him. He's a keeper :).
            So there ya have it.  That's me and my little family and the reason why Domestically Modern is well Domestically Modern.  I would also like to introduce another blogger who is my partner in crime/co-author/thinker/crafter/ of D.M. It's Michelle!!!

               Work in progress


  1. I can't tell you how refreshing and lovely it is that someone referenced my Etsy shop! I LOVE seeing crafters' takes on my Rustic Rancher wreath and I truly appreciate the respect of adding a link to my store. As a fellow crafter, it is a great act of respect and kindness that goes a long way! :) Thank you! I LOVE your site and your talents!

    the Creative Gypsy on Etsy


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