Thursday, December 20, 2012

Andes Mint Bark

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Since the holidays are coming up I thought it would be nice to get into the spirit and share something I love to give away as a present, or have at all those holiday parties. I'm going to be giving you a recipe for Andes Mint Bark.  It's a chocolatey delicious take on peppermint bark...and in my opinion (and my husbands!) can't be beat!


16 ounces of Bakers semi-sweet chocolate
12 ounces of Bakers white chocolate
Splash of peppermint extract
Crushed up Andes Mints (You can buy these or make them yourself)

How to make your bark:

  1. Melt semi-sweet chocolate in a microwave safe bowl, or double boiler (as long as you melt it, doesn't matter how).
  2. Pour and spread chocolate into a 13x9 pan that is covered in parchment paper.
  3. Put this in fridge and wait until it is hardened.
  4. After the first layer is good and hard, melt the white chocolate in a microwaveable bowl.
  5. Splash some peppermint extract in the white chocolate and stir.  However much or however little your peppermint loving heart desires!
  6. Pour this mixture over the dark chocolate. *Be careful when spreading this mix it will tend to make the darker chocolate mix with it if you push too hard!
  7. Place this in the refrigerator for about 3-4 minutes, not to get hard just to firm up a bit.
  8. Once firmed pour Andes Mints onto the top layer and lightly press the pieces into the chocolate.
  9. Place whole thing back into fridge and firm for 3-4 hours
  10. Get out of fridge and have fun breaking up that bark!
Now you are ready to put your bark in a cute mason jar or tin or something cute like that!!

Look at how pretty that it looks impressive!So give it a try and give your friends, family, and guests a minty, chocolatey, homemade and easy gift for the holidays!

Thanks for reading and make sure to stop by Domestically Modern sometime!


Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Top (Christmas) Pins of the Week!

First of all I wanna say that I have missed you guys! I have been busier than ever, and when I do have down time I don't want to think or move or ANYTHING!  We all have those days...weeks in my case!  The packing is going ok. Still so much to do and so many engagements are coming up.  Hubs is graduating in a week, my employment will end, we go to Hubs' family for Christmas, have late Christmas with my family and pack until our heads explode... 


So I apologize for not being very active here, BUT I will give you some of my favorite Christmas pins of the season, it's time to deck the halls!! Check 'em out and pray for my sanity of you feel like it!

Hot Chocolate Bar by Sweet Something Designs
Such a great idea, even if you don't keep it out all the time it is a sweet idea for a party or for guests!

Cookie Cutter Wreath by Better Homes and Gardens
I love this! I have a ton of extra cookie cutters as well. SO doing this!

Rosette Trees by Shanty Chic
 Easy and cute! This is not your regular tacky Christmas decor for sure! Way to step it up!!

DIY Serving Tray by Tutto Bella
How great would this be for a party or a fun DIY gift?! This is easy to do and you can get super creative too!

Holiday Tree Brownies by Betty Crocker
 Again an easy and cute way to make a party or your home festive!  What a creative idea! You could even have kids or guests decorate the trees!

There you go! Deck the halls and make your seasons bright!  Happy Christmas season everybody!  I'm happy to have had a moment to get on here and share!  You can find all of these Christmas pins and more on my Have a Holly Jolly Christmas board on Pinterest! Follow me and pin away! Pinterest name: Nikki Dye {Domestically Modern}



Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sugar Detox Day 11

Picture from Luxury Curves
 I found out some GREAT news yesterday! I passed a test that allows me to become a licensed ESL teacher, yes all very exciting! So like any good American hubs and I decided to celebrate with food. What is wrong with me?! This is probably the reason I've gotten into to this mess in the first place.  Food as a reward... ANYWAY I'll get off my soap box for a moment and tell you the good/bad news.
The bad new is I couldn't resist getting a milkshake at this place.  They are the best milkshakes in the whole entire world! The good GREAT news is that I didn't like it.  Yah that's right, I'll say it again for you...I DIDN'T LIKE IT!!!  The moment it hit my lips I cringed.  It was too sweet for me!! This has never been said in the history of ME. I can could eat the sweetest most rich things in the entire universe and want more...well not now.  It made me almost sick to eat the bit I did (which I ate out of not wanting to waste the money).

Just writing this is making me cringe with how gross the amount of sugar that was in that thing. ICK.

So I count that as a victory over sugar, even though some sugar got into my system.  My body is obviously changing it's cravings and telling me STOP, don't start eating that junk again!!!!

Here's to staying sugar free (or mostly sugar-free :) )


Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Top Pins of the Week #9

There were some good ones this week on Pinterest, let me tell ya'!  I love sifting through all those ideas to find ones that are seriously BRILLIANT!  Here are my top pins of the week!

WOW. Such a great idea! I would love to tuck one of these in my closet and use the top for jewelry!

A pretty and homemade take on the cinnamon roll! Martha's done it again!

 This is for sure gonna happen in the new apartment! Love how cheap and easy this is. Great for renters as well since it's not permanent!

Seriously an easy recipe and looks seriously delicious! Can't wait to try this recipe sometime!

I know that the colors are very springy but I mean you could do any color, any size... THE POSSIBILITIES ARE ENDLESS! :)

Hope you all enjoyed my favorite pins as much as I did!  Go visit these lovely sites and give them some props for their great ideas! Have a great day!


Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 10 Done, 11 More

From Greatist
 Thanksgiving was a little road bump, the gooey deliciousness of all the sweet foods. I couldn't help myself! One piece of pie was a lot easier said than done let me tell you.  I did in fact have one piece of pie...but I also had two sugar cookies AND a sliver of the orange cake my moms family makes. SERIOUSLY, why in the world would I choose to do a sugar fast in the middle of the holiday season?! I'm insane obviously!

I'm back on track now and added one day to my sugar fast for good measure against all of my shenanigans this turkey day.

I'm actually not having any cravings as of the past day! That's a plus.  Still feeling a bit run down, but I have noticed I am thinking more clearly and that my stomach has become much flatter.

Also I'm starting to count my calories again and trying to incorporate more veggies and less bread.  I'm trying to lose around 2 pounds every week (IN A HEALTHY WAY).  So by March 18th of the New Year I should be at my goal weight!!  Here we go, my push towards a healthier life!

(Instead of a sugary treat to be featured I will be now posting inspiration for my journey!)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!!

This is my 23rd Thanksgiving on this planet and it has been a good 23 so far!  I decided in honor of my 23rd Thanksgiving I would write 23 things I am thankful for!

I am thankful for...
1.  My Savior Jesus, who has changed my life and has given me purpose.

2.  For hope in all situations!

3.  My husband's love towards me.  He is the picture of unconditional love!

4. Our first year of marriage, what a blessing!

5.  My parents who have always been supportive of my dreams and loved me through them all.

6. My grandmothers support.

7. My apartment that we have been blessed to live in for the first year if our marriage.

8. Good times and bad ones, so that you can feel how good the good really is.

9. Running water in our home.

10. Knowing where our next meal will come from.

11.  The position as Graduate Assistant and my tuition being paid.

12.  The internet! Pinterest (of course)

13.  Education in general/being able to learn!

14. Being able to pay our bills.

15.  Learning more about myself and becoming more self-aware.

16. All my friends who are the best laughers, crocheters, yoga-ers, jokers and talkers around!

17. The ability to do laundry in my own home!

18. Knowing I have people to call day or night if I'm ever in need.

19. Having will power.

20.  The enjoyment of food!

21.  Being allowed to dream.

22.  Blogging at Domestically Modern!!

23. Creativity and inspiration.

These are 23 things I'm thankful for! Make your own list!!!

XOXO and Happy Thanksgiving,

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 5 & 6 Sugar Fast

Picture from Lach Ortho Cookbook
 I got through another 2 days!  The days are getting easier to get through without such strong cravings.  I am ecstatic that I have been without added sugar or baked good for almost one week successfully!! I know that it doesn't mean much to some of you strong willed, sweets hating people (AKA my hubs), but to a girl that wanted something sweet after every meal and just about every waking moment...a week feels like a HUGE accomplishment so far!!

I've noticed another change in myself though.  I am waking up much less groggy than I was before...BUT I just feel worn to pieces today (Day 6).  I don't know if that has anything to do with my sugar detox or it's just that time of year where everything is hectic and so much must be done.

Happy with my progress but I am a little worried about Thanksgiving. First of all we are going to my parents house, who always have some kind of yummy sweet goodness around for me to graze and much gotta stay clear of that. And my mom is like the best cook on the planet and her pumpkin pie is SO good.  I have reconciled with myself that on this special occasion I can have one itty bitty slice of pie. I just can't go a Thanksgiving without it, on principle! HAHA or at least that's what I'm telling myself so I can cheat for a day! I'm not going overboard, but I mean you gotta live it up a little for the holidays right? 

Well as I test my will power this holiday season I am going to be remembering the accomplishment of my week of no sugar.  And the moment after my one slice of pumpkin heaven pie is down my gullet I'm back on the war path against sugar!!!


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