Monday, November 26, 2012

Day 10 Done, 11 More

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 Thanksgiving was a little road bump, the gooey deliciousness of all the sweet foods. I couldn't help myself! One piece of pie was a lot easier said than done let me tell you.  I did in fact have one piece of pie...but I also had two sugar cookies AND a sliver of the orange cake my moms family makes. SERIOUSLY, why in the world would I choose to do a sugar fast in the middle of the holiday season?! I'm insane obviously!

I'm back on track now and added one day to my sugar fast for good measure against all of my shenanigans this turkey day.

I'm actually not having any cravings as of the past day! That's a plus.  Still feeling a bit run down, but I have noticed I am thinking more clearly and that my stomach has become much flatter.

Also I'm starting to count my calories again and trying to incorporate more veggies and less bread.  I'm trying to lose around 2 pounds every week (IN A HEALTHY WAY).  So by March 18th of the New Year I should be at my goal weight!!  Here we go, my push towards a healthier life!

(Instead of a sugary treat to be featured I will be now posting inspiration for my journey!)


  1. I'm impressed that was ALL you ate!! I don't think that could have hurt you too much. I'm proud of're inspiriing me to work towards being healthier & weaning off sweets. Did I tell you I have given up processed candy and grocery store chocolate? Now, if I want some chocolate, I have to BAKE something. That has helped cut back on my intake for sure!

    1. That's a great idea! So glad you are taking a stand against sugar with me!:) Thanks for stopping by!


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