Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sugar Detox: Day 2

I thought a fun way to start out my entries would be putting a pretty picture of what I'm craving...Why not torture my will power a little more right?!
Picture from Carrots N' Cake

Second day out of the way...Success! No added sugar all day long.  Even when we went to hear and perform some live music at a coffee house which boast all kinds of yummy naughty drinks and foods like a nutella panini.  And late in the day I didn't even take a bite of my friends oreo McFlurry...I almost did but then remembered that just a bite could send me spiraling back over the edge!!! My resolve didn't waver, but I did get a little craving. I had a little bit of honey on some bread, and honey is natural and doesn't contain white or brown sugar, it's natural so I think it's okay!

On that note I had a dull headache almost all day, which I'm pretty sure is because I cut out the sugar.  I guess it's like getting off of any kind of addictive thing you are on.  You have withdrawal symptoms...It's crazy that I get them from sugar...I mean heck it's SUGAR!!!

I have been thinking though on why I feel the need to have sugary sweet things on my tastebuds all the time and I think it's because in America we attribute sweet things to a good time and being happy (i.e birthday cake, mom's desserts, candy for a treat or gift).  Then as we get older we have the ability to access that stuff all the time and heck why not have happy fun time on your tastebuds that makes your brain feel happy all the time?!

Just my thoughts...

Day 2 done onto the next one!


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