Saturday, November 3, 2012

How to Make Social Media Icons for your Blog

I have always loved the cute little social media buttons all lined up in that nice neat little bar...But I could never figure out how to make them.  Between the codes and finding the right and matching social media icons without a was a struggle for me.

But I finally found this great tutorial and it completely saved my blog brain from exploding every time I would visit a cute blog with those cute buttons.

So here it is...This is the tutorial that totally got me out of a rut and helped me make my cute buttons you see today!!  Everybody say thanks to Projects Around the House!!!

Here is the site: How to Make Social Icons in PicMonkey by Projects Around the House

She gives you the code and all you have to do is transfer it to a Word Document and then fill in your own info! Too easy right?!

And this the place that I got all of my icons from, The Blog Designer Network.  They are just silhouettes so they don't have an annoying background and their color can be changed on PicMonkey!

Have fun and beautify those blogs!!


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