Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Turkey Day!!

This is my 23rd Thanksgiving on this planet and it has been a good 23 so far!  I decided in honor of my 23rd Thanksgiving I would write 23 things I am thankful for!

I am thankful for...
1.  My Savior Jesus, who has changed my life and has given me purpose.

2.  For hope in all situations!

3.  My husband's love towards me.  He is the picture of unconditional love!

4. Our first year of marriage, what a blessing!

5.  My parents who have always been supportive of my dreams and loved me through them all.

6. My grandmothers support.

7. My apartment that we have been blessed to live in for the first year if our marriage.

8. Good times and bad ones, so that you can feel how good the good really is.

9. Running water in our home.

10. Knowing where our next meal will come from.

11.  The position as Graduate Assistant and my tuition being paid.

12.  The internet! Pinterest (of course)

13.  Education in general/being able to learn!

14. Being able to pay our bills.

15.  Learning more about myself and becoming more self-aware.

16. All my friends who are the best laughers, crocheters, yoga-ers, jokers and talkers around!

17. The ability to do laundry in my own home!

18. Knowing I have people to call day or night if I'm ever in need.

19. Having will power.

20.  The enjoyment of food!

21.  Being allowed to dream.

22.  Blogging at Domestically Modern!!

23. Creativity and inspiration.

These are 23 things I'm thankful for! Make your own list!!!

XOXO and Happy Thanksgiving,

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