Monday, November 19, 2012

Sugar Fast: Weekend Update

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Day 3 and 4 are done with! The weekends are always my heavy hitter for sweets and goodies.  We have this great little local doughnut shop that sells the most amazingly horrible creations.  I craved those suckers like nobody's business this weekend.  But within the 10-20 minute craving window my will power stepped in and said no.

 I've noticed some changes about myself already.  The headache is finally gone and I'm left with almost a feeling of clarity.  No joke I noticed myself feeling more focused than before when I was jamming my system up with tons of sugar. My cravings are also getting easier to ignore. I've also noticed my stomach is a little flatter than before, I'm guessing because sugar bloats you up, that's where I was bloating!  Why can't we bloat some where we would like the bloat?! Seriously is that too much to ask?

So here I am 4 days done with and starting the fifth and I'm feeling good. I don't really need the sugar at all. It was all in my head!


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