Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sugar Detox Day 11

Picture from Luxury Curves
 I found out some GREAT news yesterday! I passed a test that allows me to become a licensed ESL teacher, yes all very exciting! So like any good American hubs and I decided to celebrate with food. What is wrong with me?! This is probably the reason I've gotten into to this mess in the first place.  Food as a reward... ANYWAY I'll get off my soap box for a moment and tell you the good/bad news.
The bad new is I couldn't resist getting a milkshake at this place.  They are the best milkshakes in the whole entire world! The good GREAT news is that I didn't like it.  Yah that's right, I'll say it again for you...I DIDN'T LIKE IT!!!  The moment it hit my lips I cringed.  It was too sweet for me!! This has never been said in the history of ME. I can could eat the sweetest most rich things in the entire universe and want more...well not now.  It made me almost sick to eat the bit I did (which I ate out of not wanting to waste the money).

Just writing this is making me cringe with how gross the amount of sugar that was in that thing. ICK.

So I count that as a victory over sugar, even though some sugar got into my system.  My body is obviously changing it's cravings and telling me STOP, don't start eating that junk again!!!!

Here's to staying sugar free (or mostly sugar-free :) )


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