Friday, September 7, 2012

Fitness... The Saga Continues

Growing up I was a really active kid. Always in a sport or doing some kind of activity.  I know this was what led me to be an active adult.  Of course I have those slacker moments where I want to hit snooze the 30 extra minutes or life gets busy. But I always swing back around.  I am wanting to drop around 15 pounds the LBS. That seems like a huge goal to me but I am ready to quit doing maintenance and make some upgrades, if you know what I mean! I have set up a 6 week fitness routine that I am going to try and follow as closely as possible (there are times when your schedule and your rockin' bod schedule dont mesh).  That schedule goes a little something like this:

  • Monday: Arms -Sexy Toned Arms in 6 weeks workout. (if you click on the workout it will link you to the page where this workout is found.) & 30 minutes of heart pounding cardio + evening walk with hubs :)
  • Tuesday: Legs- Tame Those Thighs (this website has all kinds of great workouts!)  + 10 clamshells and 20 pilates froggers & 30 minutes of cardio + Yoga class
  • Wednesday: Core- Body Rock Amazing Abs Workout- (this video is gonna have you sweating and breathing hard I promise! BUT it's only 12 minutes long) + Cardio 30 minutes 
  • Thursday: Repeat Monday's workout + 30 min. cardio + Yoga class
  • Friday: Repeat Tuesday's workout + 30 min cardio
  • Saturday: Repeat Wednesday's workout or choose another workout off of or use this the One Song Workout, it's pretty fun! + 30 minute cardio
  • Sunday: REST and enjoy it!
So I am going to do this for 6 weeks straight, take my measurements again ( I took them before I started my exercise program) and hope for the best results!

(Also I wrote 30 minute Cardio each day, below is a list of some of my favorite heart pumping activities)

-Speed Walk (I am SURE I look like a weirdo!)
-Wii Just Dance (again pretty sure I look like a crazy person)
-Exercise classes!! (They have some pretty good ones out there, yoga, pilates, Zumba...and you can find them at your community center or local churches i.e. you DON'T have to join a gym)

Exercise and eating healthy do more than just make your clothes fit better, they make you FEEL better! Good luck and happy sweating!

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