Monday, September 17, 2012

Work Those Legs

I have always dealt with these legs.  You know the legs I'm talking about.  The "used to be soccer-athletic legs, now they are just legs" legs.  Yah those kind.  Well now I'm kicking it (no pun intended) into high gear!

Here is my leg workout:

                           I got this workout from Back On Pointe.  Visit them for some great workouts!!

 Here are links to those random exercises that you might not know what they are, I mean I sure didn't!

I also tack on 10 clamshells (how to do a clamshell) and 20 froggers (how to do a frogger).

  I am always trying to work on my inner thighs, which is a problem spot for most women to keep toned. The "Tame Those Thighs" workout has plenty of exercises that help target that area i.e. inner thigh lifts and plie squats. I have noticed the difference with this workout! So try it out at least twice a week!

ALSO.... Don't forget your cardio! Don't dread cardio! A) it's going to get you to your goal faster B) it's going to work your whole body including your lungs and really getting your blood circulating. 

I have started bike riding as well as walking, just to get outside but not having to run!

Happy Sweating!

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