Monday, September 10, 2012

I'm Up in the Gym Just Workin' on My Fitness...

Week one of my fitness plan is FINISHED! Just 5 more weeks to go!  Only one problem... My sweet tooth is kicking in and Fall&Football is upon us, meaning that all kinds of pumpkin-ny carbo loaded goodness is going to surround me! Gotta' keep strong.

Here are a couple tips I use to stay strong during food coma season:

  1. Eat a snack before you go.  Don't change your eating habits to fit football parties.  If you don't starve yourself before you go to a party you are less likely to over indulge.
  2. Carry a drink with you.  If you nurse a glass of sweet tea or water for an hour or so you are less likely to shove every football shaped thing you see in your mouth. 
  3. There are always so many things to try at these parties, dips and other concoctions from heaven.  Let yourself have baby servings of the things you want to try and it will all add up to a regular person sized portion.

Today I am going to explain my arms fitness routine and give you a more in depth look at what I do.  I have already seen some good results from this workout and only have to do it 2 times a week for about 6 minutes!

Picture linked to the original site
So here it is.  I do this twice a week after cardio or whenever I have time to do it that day.  Grab the heaviest weights you can handle to do these exercises with for 6 minutes straight.

I use 5 lb. weights and am working up to heavier weights. (You will not bulk up when you do this, you will only get toned muscle and less jiggle :) )

I get set up and use my phones timer. I do every exercise and then move straight into the next one, then the next, get the picture.

Also, I don't have an exercise ball. If you do GREAT...USE IT. If you don't you can be  poor  resourceful like me and use pillows or a stool with a pillow on it. Just to get your body into the same position as the picture.

Beyond those exercises I also add 2 more exercises and do both of them for a minute as well: (sorry for the picture quality)

Regular bicep curls

(Make sure you kind of angle your arms out like in the picture. Also if you squeeze your weights when you curl, your shoulders get a harder work out as well!)

Then repeat this for one minute.

Tricep Weighted Dips

(This one you want to just kind of make little pulses behind your head, small is good.  You are going to want to kill me after you do this for
one minute BUT if you are on the war path against chicken wing arms this is your exercise.)

Doing these exercises for one minute a piece works me harder and motivates me more than doing reps. So try it out for 6 minutes twice a week and see the results and reap the benefits!

Happy sweating!


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