Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Quick Tip Tuesday: Vaseline As Easy Make-Up Remover

LOVE THIS STUFF!  Okay that might be weird but honestly Vaseline has magical healing powers.  I am a chronic chapped lip getter in the fall, winter, heck all seasons! And Vaseline is my only hope of my lips not falling off my face.

This quick tip isn't about using it as lip balm (even though I advocate that!).  It's about using petroleum jelly on your eyelashes and under eyes.

Sometimes when I get done for the day and am getting ready to go to bed I suddenly get horribly lazy and just want to fall into my bed.  For some reason taking my eye makeup off is suddenly the bane of my existence...

SO I started smearing a dab of petroleum jelly on my eyelashes and all over my eye lids and under eyes before I go to bed instead of taking my makeup off for real.

                                            Take a little bit on the tip of your finger and ....

                               And apply it to the lid, lashes, and under eye are.  Rub it in a little.

Then go to sleep after the 30 seconds you took to "remove" your makeup.  When you wake up take a warm damp cloth and gently wash off the Vaseline (most of it has absorbed by then).  Easy on, easy off!

                                  Good Morning!!!Bed head and all and no trace of eye makeup after                                                                                   a quick run-over with a washcloth!

The Vaseline conditions your eyes and helps with fine lines/moisturizing, supposedly makes your eyelashes grow, as well as making it super easy to jump in the shower or use a wash cloth and literally wipe away your makeup easily and thoroughly and leave smooth skin and conditioned eyelashes.

Contrary to popular belief Vaseline does not clog your pores and is safe to use on your face.  I have been doing this and LOVE how easy it is! For a girl who hates to take her eye makeup off this is a great solution!

So there you have it...Your quick tip for Tuesday.  Let me know how you liked it!


  1. Amazing how someone can wake up looking so gorgeous! Really??? AARRGG!!!

  2. Aww thank you! It's all the Vaseline and vitamins! Keeps my skin smooth and clear! Maybe coconut oil would help too! ;)

  3. I do take the Biotin and apply Cherish Lash serum - that's enough for keeping the eyelashes long and healthy. Got a bit disappointed in "home methods" )) That's a great article anyway.


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