Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Make Your Own Tortilla Chips

So I made some dip for a football party and had some leftovers. (I made the copycat Chili's dip...AND IT WAS GOOD, and very easy! Here's the link)  I wanted to eat all of it  some of it so badly!  You're probably thinking, 'So eat it already!!!!'

There was one problem...

I had no chips.  Bummer.  But I was really desperate and I thought... Wait, aren't tortilla chips just made out of tortillas?

So I decided to experiment.

I preheated my oven to 400 degrees

I took 2 small corn tortillas and cut them into 6ths like so:

After I did that I took a baking sheet and put aluminum foil on it and sprayed it down with cooking spray and sprinkled some salt on it:

Then I laid out my tortilla triangles on the baking sheet spread out and sprayed more cooking oil on top of them and sprinkled a tiny bit more salt.

Then I placed them in the oven and waited for the fire alarm to sound... BUT IT DIDN'T.  Instead the timer went off and I carefully peeked inside and to my surprise I found this:
TORTILLA CHIPS! (I baked mine for 7 minutes)

They were warm, and crunchy.  FYI. if you microwave the chips they tend to be a little chewy (which most people don't like..But I'm weird and like chewy chips...stale puff cheetos are the best...I know weird and gag reflex inducing for some.) and I didn't have to go buy tortilla chips to eat some of that glorious dip!

I also think you could make them with other seasonings and they might taste kinda like pita chips...WAIT...I bet you could do this with fresh pita bread as well! (Pita chip tutorial coming soon!)

Then I started thinking I bet some other  desperate  smart person thought to do this as I Googled.  This is what I found.  Feel free to see what they say about it too!

Try it out! It's great in a pinch or for a snack!


  1. I tried this a few nights ago and it was DELICIOUS! Thanks for the tip!

  2. So glad you liked them!!! Thanks for dropping by!


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