Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Quick Tip Tuesday: Clean Your Ring with Toothpaste

I was noticing my engagement ring and wedding ring getting kind of dingy and the diamonds weren't as sparkly as they had once been.  I have seen on Pintrest all of these great at home jewelry cleaner things and was going to try one...But honestly I didn't really want to take them off- for sentimental reasons and lazy reasons!

Soooo I decided that I was going to try toothpaste. Yup, toothpaste.

In the morning when I was brushing my teeth I dabbed a glob of toothpaste on the ring and really rubbed it in to the little crevices, all over the gold and the diamonds.

I let it sit for a few moments and then used a toothbrush to scrub around (I would recommend a different toothbrush than the one you shove in your mouth daily.) all of it and into the setting of the diamonds.

When I finished I rinsed it all off with cold water, making sure to get all of that toothpaste off...


I seriously haven't seen my rings sparkle like that since they were first on my finger.

Quick-Easy-Cheap-Convenient. Seriously try it, you won't be disappointed! 


  1. My fave trick !!! It works FAB on silver too ! Isn't it freaky how well it really works?! Love it when that happens :)
    Lynne xx

    1. So great right?! Thanks for stopping by!


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