Friday, October 26, 2012

Michelle's Musings: Birdy Pin Cushion

So..........everyone who sews needs a pin cushion. I found myself needing a new one. I really love those awesome tomato ones, but when I was at the store, I could not help but think about how I could make one. So I decided to try it! I started thinking of what shapes and designs I could make my pin cushion to be. After much deliberation (and by deliberation, I mean with me, myself, and I), I decided to make my favorite animal - a bird!

Here is how you can make one just like mine (or learn from my mistakes to make an even better one!)...

- small amount of fabric (I used one of those cheap fabric blocks from JoAnn's)
- scissors
- thread/needle
- batting
- 2 small beads, pearls, or sequins for eyes
- small amount of excess scrap fabric for the bird's beak and wings

Begin by using a piece of cardboard or cardstock (I used the cardboard that came with my fabric, just to be resourceful) to create a "pattern" for your bird. Be sure to make it big enough for pins to be safely contained.

 Cut your pattern from your fabric, making the cut a little bit bigger than the pattern to give it some hemming room. Make a second patterned cut, this time with the pattern facing the opposite direction, so that the patterned side of the fabric shows on both sides of the bird (or, you could fold your fabric and make both cuts at the same time). Pin these two pieces together, with the patterned sides of the fabric facing one another.

Sew (I hand-sewed..if you are amazing and want to use your machine, go for it!) a hem around the edges, beginning either at the top or bottom, where the head joins the rest of the body. This is so that the stuffing area can be left at the head to maximize pin-holding capacity and so you can flip the body inside-out for stuffing.

Once the body (minus head) has been stitched, pull the body of the bird inside-out and begin stuffing a little bit at a time. Then sew the head together, and you've got the body of your bird!

Carefully hand-sew one bead, pearl, or sequin onto each side of the face of your bird for the bird's eyes. I used small pearl-like beads I found at a craft store.

Use some scrap fabric that is in a color and/or pattern that goes well with the fabric of your bird, and cut out a small beak and two small wings. Sew these on appropriately.

Voila! You have a new bird pin cushion!

Please share if you make one of your very own!


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