Monday, October 1, 2012

Top 5 Pins of the Week

     So cute, so easy. A must make!!

A must make to cover my old pillows.  I've been wanting accent pillow. Great DIY.
You could make one for every season! Or even a special party i.e baby shower, b-day, etc.
I haven't gotten to try these out yet...But I'm sure I will by the end of the week! They look delicious and healthier than all that oil and added junk! Plus this is the season we all go pumpkin crazy!
This is seriously the best.  I just bought a Swiffer mop and I LOVE IT...But I was just thinking how expensive it would be to buy those pads not to mention wasteful...NOT ANYMORE thanks to The Creamer Chronicles! These easy to make washable pads are reusable!!

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  1. Thanks so much for featuring my zippered pillow cover tutorial :)

    1. Of course! It's great! I've got to just make the time to make them for my pillows now!

  2. I love that lace ended scarf! I haven't mastered the art of sewing yet, but I think even I could do that one! Great post.


    1. It looks so easy to do right? But so cute and looks pretty easy! I feel like you could even do it with fabric glue.

      Thanks for coming by!


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