Friday, October 12, 2012

Michelle's Musings: DIY Overhaul Guitar Strap

Hi music lovers! (And also hi to non-music lovers, because you are welcome here, too!) I kept seeing this ribbon-ish stuff (I say "ish" because it is more of a woven band than ribbon, but it is found in the ribbon section) in Wal-Mart on a buy-it-by-the-yard spool, and I kept thinking it would be a perfect guitar strap! It is just my style. When I found the exact same ribbon-ish at a craft store where I could buy an entire spool, I knew it was time to get to work making my dream come true! Here's how I did it....

- guitar strap (I chose black since it matches my woven band)
- 2" woven band (mine is called "Aztec Band" and is made by Simplicity..I got the spool at JoAnn's for $9)
- scissors
- black thread (not pictured - I used nylon upholstery thread, purchased at Wal-Mart)
- strong sewing needle
- pushpins

I started by "hemming" the band on one end. I flipped a little bit over and sewed two lines across,

I then used pushpins to hold the band onto my guitar strap.

To get through the adjuster buckle, go ahead and measure out how much band you will need by holding it up to the strap. Give yourself a little extra in case of fraying and for the hem (this band frays very easily..hence a hem!). Then simply stick the other end of the ribbon through the adjuster buckle and voila!

I then sewed my hemmed end onto one end of the strap,
and started sewing a line down one side.

I decided to do my sewing in sections so that the band wouldn't get bunched up or out of line. So I sewed a strip down one side, tied it off, and marked it with a pushpin. I then sewed down the other side until the point of the pushpin.

Then, I continued sewing another strip and another until I was to the other end of the strap. I hemmed this end of the band and sewed it on just as I had the other end.

And that's all folks! It is so simple to overhaul a guitar strap!

You could make over an old one, or do as I did and make over a new one..whatever you like!

Please feel free to share with me any straps you overhaul! See ya next time!


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