Friday, October 5, 2012

Spray Painted Lace Vase

Sorry I haven't blogged much this week. Another crazy week this week between grad school and an earache doesn't really make me wanna craft it up a lot! But here is my latest project!

I found this cute vase/candle holder (it could function as either in my silly crafty brain) at Goodwill, per usual.  

I decided that I wanted to spice it up a little bit and make it a little more shabby chic. All you need to turn a vase or a candle into a shabby chic vase or candle is some white or beige spray paint and some lace!

I pinned the lace around the center of my vase/candle holder and sprayed away.   That was the only part I wanted to be lace so I only covered up that part and sprayed the rest white!

Super fun, spiced up my home, and cheap and easy! PERFECT project!

I'm also planning on doing this (or something similar) to spruce up those vases you get delivered with flowers!


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  1. This turned out so pretty :o) LOVE!!

    Thanks for joining Keep Calm & Link Up last week! We're thrilled you chose to party with us!

    xo, Meredith @


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